Månadsarkiv: oktober 2012

Time flies…

It’s been a while since my last update. We’ve been sick for such a long time and it’s not really over yet just a lot better. This layout I made at the scrapevent but haven’t shown you yet. Since the … Läs mer

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Another card

Here is another card that I made at the event. Kind of a simple one just what I like. The card is made from a kit  – a goodie bag that was handed out.

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A card

Yep, a card from last scrap event. I am feeling better today but I don’t have any voice as my throat is really really sore. As I have the possibility to work from home I do that today and now … Läs mer

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Layouts from last week-ends scrap event

Oh, hi everyone! I home sick and just about managing uploading a few of my new layouts from last week-end just as the title says 😉 First I wanted to show you the first one I made and that I … Läs mer

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Scrap event

This week-end I’ve been to ”Linköpinsscrap” which is a local scrap event. It’s just great and I am attending it for probably the 8th time and I just love it. It gives me so much inspiration. This time it took … Läs mer

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