New layouts

I made two new layouts in the past few days. Really simple ones. I wanted to document our summer vacation when I remembered it so these two are about two of the things we did this summer. Pleanty of more to do, as you probably can imagine. The first layout is about an ice cream place in the little village where my dad lives 6 months a year (the other 6 months he spends in Portugal).
The neat thing is that the village name is the same as my first name ”Åsa”. Funny or what! The journaling is about all the ice cream flavors they had and what kind the kids picked. And that is my eldest sister in the second photo.

The second layout is about a ”Bohus fästning” which is an old fortified castle. It is situated close to my home town but I can not remeber ever being there. Dad tells me we went there when I was a kid but no I don’t remeber that.

The view was fantastic and they had this really fun treasure hunt for the kids searching for letters hidden all over the place. Great for the kids who wanted to go everywhere in the castle looking for the letters.

I also made a card for a friends wedding but as the wedding is on Saturday I really can’t show it to you yet. It was really fun to make.



Om korvsson

38-årig 2-barns mamma som älskar att scrappa, läsa, sjunga, shoppa, inredning och familjen såklart!
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