Fun, fun, fun

Today I have had som fun when making this new layout. It’s been on my table for a few days, and I’ve been moving stuff around. But today I had some time to finalize it. The photo is from July this year when my husband and kids camped in the yard of our country home. Me, well, I’m not much of a camper as I’m too scared. I know, I know, kind of silly but I just can’t help it. This was the kids first camping and they loved it. I’m glad they are not like their mama when it comes to that.
First a glimpse of the layout…

And the entire layout…
The title says ”Camping with dad”.


Om korvsson

38-årig 2-barns mamma som älskar att scrappa, läsa, sjunga, shoppa, inredning och familjen såklart!
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